Who are we?

We are Local Real Estate Investors from right here in Rochester, NY in who Buy and Sell Real Estate. We look for Properties that need some assistance before it can be sold on the open market. Most Properties we buy need repairs, and we have a passion for fixing up older homes. Other Properties we buy may have been inherited from a Family member and needs to be sold as soon and as quickly as possible for many different reasons. No high pressure sales tactics here, you are under no obligation to sell us your house.

How Does It Work?

It is one of the most common questions we get asked when a Homeowner contacts us regarding one of our Letters or Postcards. We work hard to make the process of selling your Home as easy, simple and stress free as possible. Once you contact us, we will set up a time to have a look at the Property. We intentionally look for Properties in need of repair, regardless of circumstance (i.e Rentals, Inheritance, etc.). Once we have an interest in the Property, we will make a written CASH offer! We do not just make low ball offers out of thin air! We have a regimented, mathematical  process to determine the value of your Home. We will show you the numbers to you so you can see how we arrived at the Purchase Offer Price. Once our offer is accepted, we send the written offer to the Attorneys for approval. There are No Banks, No Realtors, No Inspections, which means we can close the deal and get you your CASH sooner!

***WATERFRONT PROPERTIES READ HERE***If you have a Waterfront Property (Sodus/ Port Bay, Lake Ontario, Etc.), and you are concerned your septic system is not up to code, we are still interested in purchasing your Property! We will PAY for testing of your septic system and will take responsibility of correcting any issues after purchase. Most Townships require testing of septic systems prior to transfer of ownership- Unless it is a CASH transaction. We have experience with waterfront properties with septic systems.

Please contact us for further information.