It has been an unbelievable few weeks in regards to our Health and economy since the outbreak of the Coronaviris (COVID-19) last month. Many of us are working from home, lost or layed off from our jobs, or worse, become ill with this infectious disease. We are all trying to make sense of what this all means in terms of what the future holds. I really don’t think anyone has the answer.

One of the biggest questions is when will things get back to normal? There are many different answers to this question including no one really knows. However, I would suggest maybe thing never go back to “normal”. Maybe we can learn some lessons from this and implement new safety standards to prevent future infectious disease breakouts (there will be more, ask any virus expert). Maybe washing our hands properly after encountering others is appropriate moving forward. How about insuring that all public surfaces are completely wiped down and disinfected? Social distancing may be part of our new future albeit not as strict.

What does this all mean for Real Estate? Short answer is it is too early to say but we expect prices to fall somewhat. In the meantime, we will be following the guidelines indicated by our Local, State and Federal Governments. Here in Rochester, NY that means taking the extra precaution of wearing a mask in public. We wear both a mask and gloves when at a property and we are sure to wipe down all surface we touch when leaving. We can arrange viewings of properties with the popular Zoom app or Face time, etc. Another way is to have the house vacated while we are viewing. We leave it up to the Homeowners comfort level to determine which course to take. Offers can be written and emailed to be signed electronically including all approvals. This may be the new normal and ROCHouseBuyers are ready to move forward!