Is this a scam? No. We are real, active, local Investors

Are you a Realtor? No. Although we work with many Real Estate Agents mostly to sell our Properties.

My House needs a TON of work, Is that ok? Yes! We look for those types of Homes and look forward to the challenge!

How do you come up with Purchase Price? We use a mathematical formula based on the ARV (after repaired value) of your home. We do not submit "low ball" offers.

What if I don't have an Attorney? We can recommend an Attorney that will represent you in the Transaction.

My Cousin's Brother in Law is an Attorney, can I use him? As long as he is a Real Estate Attorney. If not, we strongly recommend you find one.

How fast can we Close? A clean deal (no title issues, etc.) will close between 30-45 days. Every situation/ deal is different, so time to close will vary. Our mission is to close ASAP.

I have tenants in my Property, what happens to them? Simple. Good Tenants stay. Bad Tenants do not. We will assess the situation with you, and come up with a plan that's fair for everybody.