We get many calls and emails asking about our mailings. The most common inquiries about how we obtained names, addresses, property info, etc. The short answer is all the information we gather is from the public records available at your County Clerks Office. We use a certain criteria to decide which records to mail to, but it’s not a perfect system.

I completely understand that you may receive a letter or postcard and have no interest in selling your house. Think of it in the same way you would receive a flyer in the mail from a company offering a service of some sort. If you are not interested, you are under no obligation to use that service. I would however be happy to receive a communication that you are not interested so that I may remove you from any future mailings.

PS- we are taking safety measures with our mailings including when we stuff envelops. The USPS is also taking the necessary steps to keep everyone safe and we are proud to support them at this time.